Why Manchester United Is So Popular

The first thing I want to make sure you know is that Manchester United is the most popular sports franchise in the world and has been for many years. What most people don't know about Manchester United is they should have been bigger than they already are but because of a very tragic accident they aren't. The accident took place in 1958 when the airplane carrying the team crashed into the cold hard ground at the Munich Airport. The reason this was such a big deal is because the up and coming stars in the world were on that airplane. The two stars that would have made Manchester United bigger much quicker were Tommy Taylor and Duncan Edwards.

Now that you know that I want to tell you why they are so popular. The first reason why Manchester United is so popular is because they have owners that care about the team and the fans. When you have owners that will pour all the profits into the team in order to make it better and make the fans happy then you will have a huge success on your hands. This is one of the reason why Manchester United will buy so many high profile players that know how to win and when it comes to fan support winning is everything.

Another reason why Manchester United is so popular is simply because they can win and win big. They are the only team to have been named Champions of the world and they have done this twice in their lifetime. They have more FA cup titles than any other squad to have ever played the game and they continue to win even though they have lost two of the biggest stars in sports, David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo. These are two guys that changed the football experience around the world and put it on the map on many countries.

If you think that Manchester United is just thought to be popular then think again, they actually are and they can prove it. In order to even see one of the Manchester United games you have to buy a ticket from somebody that already has a ticket and the reason why this is is because you have to fill out an application in order be in the drawing to buy a ticket. Yes, that is right you have to be put into a drawing to see which lucky fans will even get the shot at buying one of these coveted tickets. Can you think of any other sporting franchise that demands this kind of following and always has their tickets sold months prior to any game?

Understanding what Manchester is all about is one of the biggest tasks in all of sports and the reason is because they are larger than the sport itself. In recent years with the financial backing of a few other clubs there have been two teams that are catching up to Manchester United but they are still a long ways away from making a mark on the game and the world the way that Manchester United has. Overal to survive all these years they needed a good business plan and support from their fans.