Training Tips From Footballs Greatest League

If you know anything about football then you know that the greatest league in the world is in the United Kingdom. Most people that watch the game understand that there are some great players on some very good teams for instance Wayne Rooney who plays for Manchester United. Now I know we can all agree that he has had his good years and his bad years but what he always does is gives it his all.

If you love the game of football then you also understand and appreciate all the things that the players go through in order to be in shape and put on the best show for you the fans. In an average day for a professional footballer they will spend at least 4 hours training but most of the time more. Most clubs will require that their players are on the football field for at least 2 training sessions each day for a combined total of 6 hours. Now that is tough training. Could you imagine what a 6 hour long workout would do to your body? Below you will find the 4 things that every professional footballer does on a daily basis to stay in shape and become the world's best.

Training Tips From Footballs Greatest League

Run constantly - This is more about building up your stamina than actually losing weight like most people would think. The average footballer will run about 15 miles per day and that is not all at a jog, about half of that will be sprints and the rest with be a mix of walking and jogging. I bet you are getting tired just thinking about that.

Leg strength - Being professional football player means you have tremendous leg strength. This means that the players must do lunges, squats, leg lifts, calf raises and pretty much anything that will increase the strength of their legs. The best thing to do is to mix up the workout with lunges, lunges with weights, and leg lifts. Always remember that the more leg exercises you do the easier they will become.

Upper body strength - Upper body strength is not as important as lower body strength but it is still important. What you need to understand is that professional football players train their upper body almost as much as their lower body and they don't even use it that much, not that is dedication.

Ball control - When it comes to professional football the number one thing you will need to get down is ball control. The difference between a high school player and a professional footballer is just a foot when it comes down to the touches they make on the ball. If you think you have what it takes to be a professional footballer then you need to be able to control the ball as close to your body as possible. The way that players will practice this skill is to have a partner kick the ball as hard as they can to their feet and they will control it. Trust me, this isn't as easy as it may sound.